Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moccasins to Ballet Slippers

Striking. Inspiring. Mysterious. Intriguing. 

4 of the many word's I can think of to describe the Oscar nominated film, Black Swan. Natalie Portman's performance was speechless, emotional, and just amazing. I guess good enough to earn her numerous Oscar nominations, right? I love how the movie makes you think and analyze life. I saw it last weekend in theater for the second time, and just yesterday I watched 'No Strings Attatched'. I am Natalie Portman obsessed. I've seen too many videos of Natalie on youtube over the past month (while I should have been studying for my exams...), but I am back in the full swing of things, ready to upload multiple posts a week!

Great news! I've re-discovered Polyvore! I put together some looks recently, and this one was inspired by the one and only Black Swan, Natalie Portman's character Nina to be exact. I'm really proud of the outcome. 

Feminine, delicate, pretty. Very ballerina/Nina-esque. Don't you adore that ring?

Q: What do you think of the look? do you like using Polyvore?
Stay tuned for more looks, and more posts :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

mocha & moccasins

Hey lovelies! This is just an update to notify you all that I changed my blog name from 'peace coffee and feathers' to 'mocha and moccasins'. I wasn't 100% happy with PC&F because that is my Tumblr name as some of you may know, and I wanted to create a new one, a fresh name. I exported/imported all of the old blog content, so everything is basically the same, I just switched up the layout. 

I won't have any interesting posts coming up because of exams, but after that, all will be back to normal :) I'm still going to be replying to comments though.

On that note, have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Plaid

Hello lovelies! One of my favorite things to look at are peoples outfits as they walk by, or in pictures. Everyone has their own sense of style, and I love looking at how each person has a different take on an outfit. This is what inspired me to do my first outfit of the day post, OOTD as some of you may see it.

(Note: I am not as pale as a ghost, I was standing in front of a window, but I do love pale skin! And my hair is getting quite long, yay! I see a post about my hair in the future?)

Plaid. What do you think of when you see or hear the word plaid? Most people probably think of lumberjacks, cowboys, or a new trend! I see so many girls and boys walking around my school in plaid, it ain't just for the country anymore! Maybe it's just up here in Canada ;)

The oversized plaid shirt that I'm wearing today just happens to be my little brothers. It's by a skateboarding brand known as 'etnies'. To be honest with you, I threw it on while my mother was yelling at me to hurry up this morning, but the pink TNA zip up hoodie was just not working. I did not think pink today (so cheesy, hah). 

As I continued to rush around my room, I saw this GAP scarf I received as a Christmas present two years ago. It was the perfect accessory to go with this outfit. Plus, it's -10C today, how could I not bundle up?! This scarf is ultra warm and is almost 2 meters long. Perfection

But wait... one more accessory couldn't hurt. Just look at that baby. I barely squeezed this old oversized ring onto my finger. I adore oversized rings, and I need to expand my collection. Uh... What's up with my third finger, underneath my nail looks so weird?!

And a classic pair of (dirty) white Ked's sneakers to complete the outfit. Call my crazy, but I still wear thin sneakers and moccasins when there is a lot of snow on the ground. Those Ked's really need to be cleaned...

The nail polish is Decadent Diva by Essie. Even though the bad quality iPod photo doesn't do the color justice, it's a gorgeous chocolate purple. It's perfect for Winter, so I'm getting many uses out of it. 

Dark skinny jeans to complete the look.

Q: How do you wear plaid? What type of accessories would you incorporate into the outfit?

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Have a good week (:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From Full House to Fashion House

Growing up, Full House was one of my favorite shows. I never got tired of the re-runs, how cute Uncle Jessie was, or the adorable little girl known as 'Michelle Tanner' and her cute comments. Now at 24 years young, 'she' is better known as 'Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen'.

The Olsen's have come a long way since their acting roles in TV shows and movies (which is still happening today - Beastly, anyone?), and they now run their famous fashion brands 'The Row', 'Elizabeth and James', named after two of their siblings (I adore how Elizabeth and James sounds together), and the more affordable clothing line 'Olsenboye' sold at JCPenney, which actually carries really cute pieces. 

I think that this is the perfect picture to represent their different tastes in fashion. Mary-Kate likes to give off an edgy, vintage vibe, while Ashley likes to appear more sophisticated and clean (remember MK's hobo days? I loved them!).

I love Mary-Kate's pop of color with the red beret, and her oversized rings are lovely - as always. 

They still love the plaid and the denim tops, just like in the picture of them when they were young girls (first photo). FYI, denim and plaid are HUGE trends right now! Tip taken from the trendsetters. Mary-Kate is carrying a Balenciaga bag on her arm, I just cried a little inside. 

Lots of jewelry (gold watches, oversized rings), and bold, red, vampire lips. These two can pull off anything.

Floral cardigan + hobo bag + oversized scarf + leather leggings + sunglasses = the typical NewYorker?

Mary-Kate even looks cute when she keeps it super casual. I adore her long, wavy, mermaid hair.

MK wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf, a classic. 

Another Balenciaga bag. In the word's of Rachel Zoe... I die. 

Some more of my favorite outfits/accessory/candid pictures: 


(Starbucks addiction, just like me?)

Whether it be studs, sequins, menswear, or 5" heels, these two do it right, in a timeless and sophisticated manner. Do I take notes from their personal style choices? Answer: you got it dude!

Now I leave you with two questions... do you look to the Olsen twins as a style inspiration? Who are your style icons?

Tata for now, lovelies! (:

Saturday, January 08, 2011

My Cup of Tea

Do you know what's better than enjoying a Tazo Chai latte at Starbucks? Enjoying one for half price! From January 7th- 16th, Starbucks is offering the Tazo tea latte's for half price. Now, I'm not sure if this applies to all locations, but I know it's going on in Canada right now. I love when Starbucks does that. Bliss in a cup. Yesterday was actually my first time trying a tea latte, and despite the drink being a little too sweet, I drank it in seconds. Warm tummy = happy Monica :)

My top 5 Starbucks drinks are the following:

1. Skinny hazelnut latte 
2. Chai tea latte/ Chai tea
3. Pumpkin Spice latte
4. Light caramel frap (extra caramel drizzle, please)
5. Skinny Cinnamon Dolce latte

As you can see, I'm not a big coffee drinker, unless it is a latte, but those contain a lot of milk, and less coffee. I usually order my beverages with nonfat milk, just because I think they taste the same and I don't enjoy really rich tasting foods/beverages, so I find that a lighter drink is perfect, and they don't leave your tummy feeling heavy. Dairy isn't the best for my stomach either, but I can make an exception for the Bucks ;) Tea is always yummy too, Chai being my favorite. The blend of spices, the aroma, mmm, perfect for your autumn cup of tea. 

Have you heard they are changing the famous logo?! I like the current one, but I guess change is good? As long as the beverage is still the same, I'm fine with it. I think they should bring back the first one for a bit, wouldn't that be neat? Taking away the 'STARBUCKS COFEE' will make the image less recognizable, don't ya think?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is rarely seen without a Starbucks cup in hand, I wonder what they order? 

If only I had endless cash flow to supply this addiction...

Q: What is your favorite drink to order at Starbucks? Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?

Have a lovely weekend, and go enjoy a cup of coffee/tea, you deserve it :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Baker In Me

I've never met a person who didn't enjoy cupcakes. What's there not to like? A spongey cake, with light, creamy, sweet frosting (heavenly), c'mon nothing beats that. Nothing

Those cupcakes were a batch that I made for a Halloween party. Black and orange, ya know? Cupcakes also happen to be my favorite food to bake. I think decorating them with the frosting is my favorite part. Since I work in a store that sells baking supplies, my knowledge on how to decorate cupcakes has expanded (but still needs a lot of work).   

Cookies. Who doesn't love a fresh, out of the oven cookie? I always bake shortbread around Christmas time, it's the classic Christmas cookie around my house. 

Sugar, mmmm

Q: What is the best thing you have ever baked? Or cooked for the non-bakers out there ;)
Have a good week!
~ M

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Welcome to peace coffee and feathers! I've wanted to start a blog for a few years now, but never actually did anything about it. I have a photography blog on Tumblr, but most of the photo's on it are just reblog's, not my own photography. I adore looking at pretty pictures, who doesn't? I was never one to read a book without pictures, they must be included. And lot's of 'em. I can't wait for the day when I buy my own, preferably a Canon Rebel with a 17-200mm lens? Perfect. For now, I'm stuck with my iPod and Blackberry camera's. Boo hoo. 

As most of you probably know by now, it's 2011! It is probably going to take me a few months to start writing 2011 as the current year, as it always does. I don't know about you, but 2010 flew right by. This is the year that I will be going to prom, graduating, and starting post secondary education, it's crazy to think about.

That picture above is me last night. I wore ripped jeans, with a black bandeau bra, and a light, silk top from Aritzia. Throughout the night I switched from a dark turquoise cardigan, to an oversized, wool, camel colored cardigan. I am loving the camel trend right now, I would love to find a jacket of that color. My hair is getting so long!

I'm really excited to start frequent posts on my blog, and for you all to read it and give me your feedback (: It's going to include my interests, fashion, baking, lifestyle, and much, much more. Stay tuned!

My plans for the night: Christmas pj's + slippers + acai tea = relaxation at it's finest. Cheers!