Sunday, April 17, 2011

Once Upon Another Sunday

  • saturday trip to montreal to pick out a prom dress (success!)
  • 2 new floral dresses, new floral top (above), accessories
  • it's supposed to rain all week. i love rain. 
  • starting monday, i'm going to try going vegan for one entire month! it's time to shape up for prom (:
  • recipe's and a clothing/accessory haul comin' soon.
  • my math exam is on wednesday, and i'm barely passing the class. baaaad. i blame it on my addiction to tumblr.

"don't you let me go, let me go tonight. don't you let me go, let me go tonight"

"rain, rain, go away, that's what all my haters say!"

addictions: coffee & my blackberry!

"we don't sleep when the sun goes down, we don't waste no precious time"

have a lovely week, enjoy every precious day (:

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hair with Flair

You most likely will fall into one of the following categories:
a) you have straight hair, but wish you had naturally curly hair
b) you have curly hair, but wish you had naturally straight hair

Am I right? I know that I'm part of the a group. My hair is naturally pin straight, but I wish I had slightly curly hair, like Mary-Kate Olsens! While she doesn't have extremely curly hair, it is long and wavy, but in a messy, beachy way. My favorite

My Hair Routine

Every girl seems to follow a different hair routine, and it does take some time to develop the perfect one to suit your hair. I haven't got my hair cut since last summer, so about 8 months. I don't feel the need to get it cut often. My ends are not too damaged, and overall my hair is pretty healthy. I think I can attribute that to not using any of heat on my hair, which is 95% of the time. 

That's about the length of my hair once I throw it over my shoulders. The color you see is pretty true to how it looks at the moment. In the summer it gets more blonde, and it looks like I have natural highlights. I've never dyed my hair, even with highlights/low lights, but I really would like too. I think I would say my hair is strawberry blonde? 

Side view! My hair is pretty thin, although it does look a tad washed out in the above image. 

So, how do I style my hair?

Lately I have been washing my hair with this shampoo & conditioner from Shopper's Drug Mart. I believe they were on sale for $5.99 each. They're organic, and the scent is fresh, but not overwhelming. Check out the Live Clean website here for more information. I have been using this duo for a few months, but I find that my scalp gets itchy! I might switch it up and see if it's the shampoo and conditioners fault. I wash my hair 2-3x a week, and I just wash it when it starts to get greasy.   I do have days when I'm just too lazy to wash it, so I use a wee bit of baby powder to absorb the oils. It's very important that you don't wash your hair daily, because the shampoo strips your hairs natural oils away, but I do understand that some people must wash their hair daily.   

After I wash my hair, I towel dry it and brush it through with a wide tooth comb (I got mine at Sephora, but they are available almost anywhere). Once it dries a little bit more, I rub a dime-nickel sized amount of Moroccan oil through the ends. I can not tell you guys enough how much I love this product! I bought this small bottle for $10, but I have had it since December and it is still half full. Next time I think I'm going to buy the full sized bottle even though it's quite a splurge at $40 for hair oil, but trust me guys... it's worth it! The benefits include: less damaged ends, less dry hair, faster drying hair and faster growing hair. I swear my hair has grown faster ever since I've used this product. 

After my hair dries naturally (I do blow dry it on occasion, or if I'm in a hurry), I apply Aterna's volumizing hair gel through my roots. I'm out at the moment and I checked the website and couldn't find the product? I hope it's not discontinued! If my hair is frizzy I apply a dab of Frizz-Ease gel by John Frieda. As I stated earlier, I use baby powder to take the grease away if I'm having a lazy day ;) And last but not least, I use a lot of hairspray after I tease my hair daily. My favorite one at the moment is the 'Shaper' hair spray by Sebastian. I have seen this product at many drug stores, salons, etc. and the price varies. I was lucky and found a super cheap can for $5! If I'm not using this one, I love Aussie hairspray too. 

I usually finish off my look by twisting the right side of my bangs, pulling that back and pinning it back with a bobby pin. Simple, but functional. I tie my hair up often too. I never curl my hair because it falls flat immediately (no matter how much hair spray is used).

And there you have it! A detailed description of my daily hair care routine.

My two other favorite hairstyles of the moment include:

The braid! Is it just me, or are braids everywhere? They pop up all over my Tumblr dashboard, the runway, and in the school hallways. Braids are nice because they work with straight or curly hair, thick or thin, it doesn't matter. They are easy to pull off, especially if you are having a bad hair day.

Loved the Alexander Wang shows braids!

Have you heard of the waterfall braid? I discovered it through Tumblr, and search up some tutorials on youtube. My technique still needs a big of work, but I can't wait until I can make these! 

My second favorite hairstyle is the messy bun! It's hard for me to pull this one off, because my fair is so fine and thin, but I find it works best when I don't even try to create one, like when I throw my hair in a bun while I brush my teeth. 

(All of the above pictures were found through tumblr and weheartit)

Q: What are your favorite products? 

Have a lovely weekend!