Monday, June 11, 2012

Interior Inspiration

I could easily waste enjoy an entire day browsing through the interior design categories on Pinterest and Tumblr. If I'm lucky, they usually link to the original source that brings me to even more great ideas, tips, tricks and inspirations. Through this I'm able to discover other cool blogs about interior design, and my internet usually shuts down, due to the insane amount of tabs I have opened up. Even so, that's one thing that I love about blogging: finding inspiration within 20 seconds just through a few clicks and a few different webpages. I'd love to do a room makeover, but first I need to appropriately collect my ideas. 

Some of my favorite things are the wall photo collages, lots of white with hints of other colors [think accent colors that go with the seasons, like burnt orange and deep purple for fall], brick walls, hardwood tile and real flowers. Saving the best for last, all I ask for is a view of the NYC streets and Central Park. That's it, that's all. 

What would your dream room/house include?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Lunch in the Market

When my friends called me up with a prompt invite to downtown Ottawa for lunch, I needed an outfit to wear immediately. After my recent shopping trip, I was happy to finally have something new to wear. Isn't that always the case? I paired my new silky, mint top with last summer's high waisted shorts and a thick leather, western belt. I've been loving the arm candy trend lately, so that was an important part of the outfit that paired well with the belt. Pardon the chipped nail polish, but whenever I don't apply a clear top coat, my nails will chip within hours.

Horseshoe bracelet: American Eagle - Colorful bracelet: Mexico - Link Bracelet: Michael's - Nails: OPI

ottawa byward market area

We sat down for a lovely lunch at Cornerstone Bar and Grill in the Byward Market. After living in Ottawa for nearly 5 years, I think that was the first time I've ever had lunch outside in the market. The weather was marvelous and the food was great. I can't wait to go back for lunch and explore more restaurants in the area. Next time, I'll get a picture of the meals! My inner foodie really wanted to, but I was shy pulling out the big Nikon camera. Anyways, I ordered the Avocado Jalapeno Burger with lettuce, tomato, jalapeno peppers, cheddar cheese and house made guacamole [I got no cheese and a veggie burger substitute] with a garden salad on the side. Unfortunately, the burger was a tad on the dry side, but I'll attribute that to the HUGE, fluffy bun it came with and possibly the omission of the cheese. Otherwise, i spent a lovely afternoon with two of my good friends walking through the market, and going shopping at Rideau Center where I purchased a pair of red,open toed stilettos from Aldo [on clearance!]. They're beautiful and I'll have to show them off in a post soon.

Top: Dynamite - Shorts: American Eagle - Shoes: Aldo [golden flip flops] - Belt: Aritzia 

Q: When was the last time you went to an exciting lunch/dinner with friends?

Monday, June 04, 2012

May Days

It's Monday... June 4th? Seriously, how is it already June? I'm sitting in my living room watching TMZ Weekend, while I see drizzling rain out the window. Showers are meant for May, so where is the sun today? Looking through my May Instagram collection, I reminissed  on the sunshine we had, the many good eats I consumed, and the days where I had a genuine, big smile on my face. May was a good month, despite spending four nights each week at University taking Calculus and Algebra courses. On top of that, one of my co-workers has bronchitis and won't be back for months. She was the floral designer at our arts and crafts store, and she needed a temporary replacement. So, my managers decided that I would be a great person to take over her job until she gets back. I did some training and starting Monday I'll be the new floral designer! I'm nervous, but I know that after a few weeks I'll get the hang of it. I'll get a lot more hours too, which means I definitely need to create a balance of work and school, with a small amount of time for other things. At least I'll keep myself busy with things to do, instead of watching Family Feud for 5 hours on Sunday afternoons... who does that?

One of my favorite features from the blog world, is Instagram round up. Instead of a weekly round up, I'm featuring my May round up! My April recap is here, and during May I actually got some of the 'photo challange' photos in. Hopefully throughout the month of June I can take a challenge photo daily. Check out all photos here: @monicadearest. My favorite include:

05/03: Something you wore today - 05/06: You - 05/10: Favorite word (Thanks!) - 05/13: Mum (I baked a carrot cake for Mother's Day!) - 05/17: Snack (perogies) - 05/21: Where you stand (or lay.. hammock) - 
05/31: Something beautiful (the sky/ wreath I made at work) - Starbucks favorites (chocolate chip cookie & caramel frap) - Kitchen renovations - New Moleskin notebooks - Bracelet combination - Eggs + avocado + tomato + flax toast - Nails - Waffle breakfast - Big smile!

PS: I updated my header and the color scheme! What do you think? I wish the background of the header was white, but I switched the background last minute, and I've decided to just stick with it. Thoughts?