Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Finds 3

It's been a few months since I've featured a 'Friday Finds' post, and I've found some great blog posts over the past week that I would love to share! This batch features blog tips, fashion events and a part of the past.

If you're a new blogger and need a little guidance on web design, branding, and blog value, take a peak over here for Catherine's blogging tips!

Can we just talk about how glamorous Inga looks at Vogue's Fashion Night Out? She never fails to look like fashion perfection. I've always wanted to dye my hair similar to her shade: dark, rich espresso hair [coffee lovers will make any coffee reference].

Remember watching Sex and the City and comparing our lives to the characters? If you don't, I'm certain the Cosmo channel runs reruns every night, so spend the night in with a bowl of buttery popcorn, perhaps a Cosmopolitan, and observe the lifestyles of these iconic characters. It's hard to decide which character I can relate too, but reading Joy's post sharing her 'notes to self', I definitely think I'm a Miranda. She the the voice of reason, a slight workaholic and she loves Chinese food. Who would you be?

Although this bowl of oatmeal isn't quite visually appealing, it's a bowl of comforting pumpkin oats perfect for the chilly fall mornings.I shared the recipe on my blog almost a year ago, and I still make the exact same oats today. It's a keeper if you love pumpkin, cinnamon and warm breakfasts!

While everyone seems to be attending fashion shows this fall, Chiara took a few photographs in front of my favorite Kate Moss rag & bone ads. Two of my favorite blonde fashion icons together; one edgy and one perhaps more safe, yet still fashion forward.

Q: What are some blog posts that you've recently found that are worth saving?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embracing the Cold

Cold, windy days are a great excuse to bring out cozy fall sweaters. I picked up this one because I loved the color combination of the stripes [even though black and grey technically aren't colors]. Horizontal stripes get a bad rep for making your figure less flattering, but I think these thick and bold stripes can work on anyone. You would probably be surprised if I told you my cozy sweater was from Wal-Mart... and I was surprised too when I found it! It's all about mixing and matching: affordable pieces with investment pieces, and new with the old. I wish I had faux leather leggings because this sweater would look great with them! Perhaps it's time to invest in a pair... just kidding, I'm currently a broke student who just spent a fortune on textbooks *sigh*.
Another thing I'm loving right now, besides cozy sweaters, is my new studded clutch from Zara! It has room for all my necessary cards like identification, cash, a few makeup essentials and then some. I just really hope one of the studs don't fall off somewhere because they're a tad flimsy. I'll be crossing my fingers! I'm just glad they're rounded studs, not pointy, or they'd be poking my everytime.  
[Sweater - Wal-Mart, Jeans - Dynamite, Shoes - Wal-Mart, Clutch - Zara
Bracelet - Forever 21, Nail polish - Essie's Case Study]
Q: How do you like to wear your big, cozy fall sweaters?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn Shopping

Lately my life's involved a lot of computer projects, getting prepared for new classes at Uni, and autumn shopping (duh). To make this post short and sweet, I just wanted to show some of my recent purchases,  including some ideas for perfect fall pieces. 

leopard print shoes - wal-mart, all other 3 - urban behavior 

dark skinny jeans - zara & maroon jeans - dynamite 

blue bag - forever 21 & black studded clutch/wallet - zara

ysl lipstick in lingerie pink - sephora

sock bun doughnut - claire's 

not pictured: black v-neck from zara [did not photograph well] and a black cardigan from zara.

What are some of your favorite pieces you've picked up for fall, or plan on picking up?

[Today is Sept. 11th which is a sad day for many of us, so don't forget to take a moment and remember those lost on this say in 2001. Never take anything for granted, and treat everyone as you wish to be treated: with respect and love, because you never know if that conversation you have will be the last]

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fall 2012 Trends: Earth Tones

Guys. It's September. Fall is almost here. And I'm so, so excited! The rainy days predicted for this week in Ottawa are encouraging me to bring out my long cardigans, cozy sweaters and home made pumpkin spice lattes. 

I've put together a collage of some of my favorites and essentials for this upcoming fall season. This is the first collage of 2 (possibly 3), that I'm putting together to show you my top choices. This color palette features earth tones: maroon, black and medium brown. Comfortable, cozy and warm - the epitome of a fall wardrobe.

Here are my picks for your autumnal essentials:
 Black long sleeve loose tops and cardigans 
Skinny jeans in maroon or brown shades. Leather leggings are great too.
Autumn inspired accessories, such as watches, bangles and over sized scarves.
Studs and skulls are still a great addition to any wardrobe, but moderation is key. For example, sick to one piece: your shoes, a statement scarf, studded bracelets, a studded collar, or a handbag.

These colors are safe to combine together, definitely opposite from the neon clothing pieces and accessories we all saw a lot of throughout the summer. I think ombre is a good choice too, but keep the neon pieces at a minimum. If my ombre top was maroon instead of blue, I'd wear it all of the time. 

And last but not least, if you would like to see my 'back to school' picks last year, you can find them here

What are your favorite pieces for this fall season? Are you excited as I am?

Monday, September 03, 2012

Be Good to Me

The beginning of a new month makes me feel more ambitious and motivated to start fresh, be a better person and accomplish some short term/long term goals. Usually by the third, or forth day these goals will fade away into the background, and I'll continue feeling like I'm getting no where. I want to make my life more exciting and purposeful. That sounds a little heavy, but in reality I need to be hard on myself to accomplish anything, and one way of getting goals accomplished is to write them down! So, I'm here today to write down my goals for the month of September, therefore making my feel more inclined to stick to them and accomplish what I set out to do! My 19th birthday is coming up, so I have to finish my 18 years feeling happy and accomplished, right?

  1. Book a dentist and optometrist appointment. I've been slacking on this one. My mom's been nagging me to do this, and it's for my health, so I just need to get this done.
  2. Blog 2-3x a week. Yup. I'm seriously committed to this one! I have so many thoughts running through my mind, I need to get them out somewhere. 
  3. Eat better/healthier/cleaner. I tend to eat a healthy breakfast (eggs/fruits/veg), and throughout the day I eat pretty well too, but when night time rolls around, I get bored and I'm not tired, so I walk around, and tend to watch TV in the living room which leads me to grab snacks from the kitchen and mindlessly eat [bad habit]. I'm taking Nutella, cookies, sugary cereal - stuff I never eat during the day. There are a few ways to stop this - don't watch TV in the living room (duh), and drink lot's of water. Or.. just force myself to go to bed. Easy peasy. 
  4. Make healthier recipes! I love to bake, and I have access to healthy ingredients, like coconut flour, almond flour, Earth Balance, etc., but I tend to bake with ingredients like butter, white sugar and white flours. There are so many healthy recipes out there, I've just got to branch away from processed and unhealthy ingredients.
  5. Do more ab work. I was really good with this in the beginning of the summer, but mid August I got lazy and feel less toned in the abdomen area. There are so many free Youtube workout videos that actually work, and make you sweat - and most importantly give you results! Instead of being reserved in my 'Favorites' folder, I'm going to start doing these videos before bed a few times a week.
Setting goals is a key to success, because if you have nothing to work towards, then what's the point, right? Here's to being accountable.

Also, does anyone know how to get rid of the border around my images? I played around in the settings, but I can't seem to get it right. Helllllp!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Back Again

Hello lovelies! I'm finally done my summer courses, and I'm excited to start with a regular posting schedule again. I do start Fall classes on the 7th of September, but it will be less stressful because I have planned my classes schedule much better than before, as well as asking for less shifts at work. I tend to make myself very stressed [if you haven't noticed] by putting way too much on my plate at once. Bad habit.

I finally updated my layout! I wanted something simple, not too bright, but with a pop of color and I'm hoping that's what the darker turquoise color will achieve. Also, I think the darker shade is a great color to wear in the autumn and winter months. On top of that, I love the cursive font titles and header font. Does my header appear in a cursive font, as well as my post titles on your computer? I'm still working on personalizing my blog a little more, but that requires lot's of research and help for a blog layout newbie like myself. What do you think of the new layout?

Anyways, I'd like to show you all my life throughout the summer by what other than ... photographs! I didn't pull out my Nikon camera much this summer, but I did use my iTouch [not iPhone, I'm planning on getting the 5!!] with the Instagram app for taking pictures of my daily life.

Oatmeal ~ study notes ~ collard green wraps ~ pink lips and skulls
colored pants @ GAP ~ salmon dinner ~ nails and a bracelet ~ work snack
Canada Day cake pops ~ smile! ~ burgers ~ summer outfit
words ~ vegan salad [yum!] ~ stylemint kimono ~ brother's burger

lemon cupcakes + strawberry icing ~ selfie ~ delicious smoothie ~ beautiful wedges
mcqueen skull headscarf ~ eggs and such ~ my organized closet ~ churros!
s'mores ingredients ~ inspiring quote ~ s'mores cookies!! ~ summer style
fb profile pic ~ pink nails & homegrown tomatoes ~ ombre nails ~ breakfast

32 photos later, and you have a glimpse of my life throughout the past summer months: nice summer outfits, lots of good food, and all other things in my life. 

Oh, and guess who did some shopping at the mall yesterday... serious retail therapy? This girl! They say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist, but that's more for another day...