Thursday, February 14, 2013

will you be my valentine?

i surely hope that's a yes! i have lots planned for us on this holiday of love

before we begin, allow me to present with with a darling bouquet pretty 'flowers'!

or, better yet - real flowers! here's a guide on how to arrange a perfect bouquet
the ranunculus if my favorite, but please, no carnations.

i've set up an evening menu for us, and out appetizer will be strawberry macarons made by yours truly! our main course will consist of truffles - 3 different kinds! we can try cabernet chocolate truffles [they're covered in red/pink/white sprinkles!], followed by red velvet truffles [made with just 3 ingredients], and we can finish off with angela's vegan/gluten free chocolate cake balls. they're vegan, so they must be healthy, right?


i've been really into DIY projects lately, and i stumbled upon these valentine heart pins. i haven't sewn in a few years, but sewing a heart like this surely isn't a daunting task. seeing these little hearts in many different colors makes me giddy!

if you want to buy me a little gift, i've had my eyes on this beautiful jacket
a canadian girl can never have too many jackets. 

and last but not least,  can we please have a photo shoot like scarlett and jeremy before the sun goes down? their photo shoot reached a level of cute beyond words! 

so, the question is .. will you be my valentine?


  1. Oh Valentine's day, how I love it! Those flowers are just beautiful the way they are laid out!
    xo TJ

  2. Those macaroons look delicious! Valentine's day is such a fun holiday; my boyfriend had to go out of town, but he surprised me by leaving a bouquet of red roses and two bars of my favorite organic chocolate on my front porch before he left. It was pretty damn cute and totally sweet!

    I hope your truffle tasting went splendidly! Those vegan chocolate balls sound delish!

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  4. Beautiful

  5. lovely pics!